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School, Dance and Theatre DVDs

BVP are very experienced at filming drama, dance and musical DVDs. We can offer single and multi-camera shoots. Using professional digital equipment and only using very experienced operators we can offer you a superb DVD of your show.

Our background is in the arts and, before setting up BVP we were involved in video production at EMI Music. We also have a background in music and ballet.

We offer a variety of packages to suit your production and budget. We can offer you DVDs with stylish menus and chapters and packaging to match or more simple menus and packaging if you wish to keep costs down. However, whichever package you choose, we will never lose sight of our production values. Our fee may be based on the sale of copies or a flat fee. For advice on how best to proceed call us on 01737 245404.


If you are unable to view this on your device you can view it on our page here

2 camera shoot filmed at the Hawth, Crawley. Reproduced with the permission of Stages Performing Arts.

NB this is not the original music.



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