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Local History Documentaries

Documentaries filmed, edited, written and produced by BVP. BVP also transfer archive film footage as used in "From the Archives". DVD authoring ready for pressing also performed by BVP.

Reigate Priory - Another Chapter, DVD
the history behind the restoration

Reigate Priory Another Chapter

Reigate Priory has always been at the very heart of Reigate town but how many people know about those who actually lived there and how their occupancy has influenced the parkland?

This film highlights how the restoration project was able to bring the park's fascinating history and the modern day park facilities together.

Featuring lots of historical material and new footage, it will take you from the 11th century right up to the present day. Did you know that the tallest hornbeam tree in the UK is in the park's ancient woodland or that the lake used to be six fish ponds?

Reigate Priory will never again be just a park to you after seeing this film.

You can order a copy at www.reigatehistory/shop.html

"From the Archives" Redhill and Reigate on Film 1926 - 1935, DVD

From the Archives

Incorporates archive films which provide a fascinating insight into events in Reigate and Redhill in the 1920s and 1930s. The DVD covers important events such as the carnivals and the celebrations surrounding the Jubilee of King George V. You'll see historic buildings which are no longer there such as the White Hart Hotel, The Swan Inn in Reigate and St. Anne's in Redhill.

You will marvel at the ingenuity that went into the floats for the towns' carnivals (which stretched for a mile or more).

From the Archives makes for compelling viewing and the more you watch it the more you'll see.

You can order a copy www.reigatehistory/shop.html

REIGATE PRIORY 1921 - 1948
The Inside story on DVD

Reigte Priory 1921 - 1948"Reigate Priory, 1921 - 1948" gives a fascinating insight into the famous estate’s illustrious past. Former servants and workers of the Priory were tracked down and interviewed especially for the video. Maids and craftsmen relate their individual stories, giving the viewer a truly unique and compelling account of life in those bygone days.

The broadcaster, Cliff Michelmore, guides you through the years when the Priory was the residence of Admiral Beatty and includes the 2nd World War period when it was headquarters to Rank the Millers. The DVD is available direct from BVP.

You can order a copy at www.reigatehistory/shop.html


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From the Archives Reigate Priory Another Chapter Reigate Priory 1921 - 1948